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Your employer has partnered with Vodacom for all their staff members to receive additional benefits through the Vodacom Employee Advantage Scheme.

• Vodacom Employee Advantage connects you and your family 

• Get extra value and benefit from the exclusive benefits 

• Manage your own mobile plan and get all the benefits

VEA gives you the opportunity to register your existing or new contracts and receive additional benefits.

• Register using the link below

• Your work email address will be used to validate your employment details

• You will receive an email with a link 

• Click on the link to confirm your details and access the benefit

Register Now

This offer is only available to employees of companies that are confirmed participants of the VEA scheme. The benefit applies to existing contract, new line and upgrades.

         Can I register at a retail store?

Yes, Visit your nearest Vodacom Shop with your id, proof of employment and proof of address, and an agent will assist with the registration.

          Is there a cost involved for me to                     register for the VEA benefit?


There is no cost to you. As a valued employee we provide you with the VEA benefit through your employer.

Need more information about Employee Advantage?


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