MachineLink 3G

Remotely connect your assets, premises, equipment and vehicle.

  • Wireless M2M device service   
  • Choice of hardware
  • Integration with Vodafone and Vodacom connectivity

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If you’re planning to implement M2M, the choice of hardware is key. MachineLink 3G is a wireless M2M device with integrated Vodafone and Vodacom connectivity. 

    • For point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Machine-to-Machine IP connectivity.
    • To control and monitor connected machines from remote locations.
    • To collect and analyse data from connected machines.
    • For commercial and Industrial deployments.

    • Requires minimal setup and configuration for faster time to market with less effort.
    • It’s compatible with other elements of your M2M solution dependent on the business requirement.
    • Developed to use Vodacom and Vodafone network capability.
    • Provides outstanding performance when collecting and transmitting data.
    • Delivers assured reliability and support.  

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    How much does MachineLink 3G cost?

    MachineLink 3G
    M2M plans 
    Monthly rates with M2M plans 

    24-Month contract

    R153.38 VAT inclusive

    M2M Lite (SIM + subscriptions) 
    Data Messenger Plus (SIM + subscriptions) 
    GSDP (SIM + subscriptions) 
    Once-off options
    MachineLink 3G device - VAT exclusive 
    MachineLink 3G power supply - VAT exclusive


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