Tape Back-up

Never lose valuable information - simply write your data to tape.

  • Data is backed up and written to physical tapes for future retrieval
  • Back up your data daily, weekly and monthly
  • Easily restore your data for the last seven days (with older data available on tape)
  • Get dedicated back-up tapes

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  • Overview
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  • Costs

What is Tape Back-up?

  • Tape Back-up is a scalable data back-up service developed for business applications and housed in the Vodacom Data Centre.
  • This fully-managed service writes your data - including files and databases - to a readable, writable magnetic tape drive for future retrieval.
  • It also stores your data virtually for seven days so it can be restored easily in case of loss or system failures.

Why should I get Tape Back-up?

Much higher speed than a dial-up modem

Enjoy all that the Internet has to offer; image-heavy web pages, fancy web pages, music, and video, at a much higher speed than a conventional dial-up modem.

Saves time and effort

We manage the service for you so you don’t have to store data on your premises or maintain it in anyway.

Offers extra security

Along with a secure data storage facility, you can also choose to have drive-based encryption on your data back-up.


You can scale your solution to match your changing business needs without any downtime.


The service consolidates and saves data from all your applications in a single system, making retrieval easy.

How much does Tape Back-up cost?

  • The cost of this service depends on your business requirements
  • To find out how much this service will cost,request a call back

Cost-effective and quick

  • Tape is a relatively inexpensive medium that offers unlimited storage capacity
  • The cost of storage is also relatively less than that for other back-up storage media
  • The solution enables critical data to be backed up quickly

Saves time and effort

As a Tape Back-up customer, you can back up your data to tape automatically on a predefined schedule:

  • Daily - with an incremental virtual tape library back-up, which can be accessed virtually for seven days
  • Weekly and monthly – with full tape back-ups that are shipped for off-site storage
  • You can also trigger data back-up manually at a time of your choice

Offers extra security

  • Once backed up, your data is stored in the Vodacom Data Centre.
  • It’s a 1000m² facility built specifically to provide the latest in data storage security and reliability
  • Has multiple power generators with a 50 000-litre reserve fuel supply, advanced climate control, parallel redundant UPS systems, emergency shutdown systems and advanced fire control systems with early sensing devices
  • Uses biometrics, double-access doors, photographic identification and camera technology to ensure that your data is accessible exclusively to users specified by you
  • Has a redundant power supply guaranteed by uninterruptible power supply systems with battery back-up


The Tape Back-up solution is compatible with Windows, UNIX, Redhat Linux and SUSE Linux servers. It provides:

  • A Virtual Tape Library (VTL)
  • A Tape Library
  • LT04 Media – backward compatible down to LT02

Please note:

In the event of a disaster, you will be able to restore seven days’ worth of data directly from the Virtual Tape Back-up library.
Data older than seven days can be recovered from physical tapes; the restoration time depending on data size.

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