Broadband Connect Satellite

Connectivity in areas with limited or no Internet coverage. 

  • Business Internet connectivity anywhere in South Africa - from R513 per month
  • An alternative to ADSL and 3G in areas with limited coverage 
  • Up to four optional BBC Sat VoIP connections are offered at an additional monthly charge 

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  • Overview
  • Cost & plans

Broadband Connect Satellite includes:

A capped Broadband Internet Access bundle

  • An indoor unit Satellite 
  • 98cm dish antenna and a 2 watt BUC (Block Uplink Converter) 
  • A user-friendly customer online site that features
       o Monthly bundle usage
       o Top Up data bundle purchase

Get Internet in areas with no or limited coverage

We use the latest technology to optimise the satellite link and to bring you cost efficiencies especially in unserved and underserved areas.

Always-on Internet with constant speed

Satellite access is not dependent on terrain, quality of copper landlines or distance from the exchange or radio frequency equipment. It always provides the same speed and service quality.

Hassle-free and quick deployment

You don't have to wait for line installation or for clearances and local infrastructure to become available. All you need is hardware and a clear view to the North/Eastern sky. 

Grow your entry-level package as needed

If the entry-level service is bought with a 1GB Internet bundle, you can easily add more data - at an affordable price - as your needs grow.

    Monitor and manage usage on your own

    A self-service website is available so that you can go online to monitor usage and top up with more data.

      Get optional VoIP services 

      Up to 4 Optional VoIP connections which does not eat into the monthly allocated data cap are available. You can make FREE on-net voice calls to others on the same network, and can save up to 30% on you voice bill. Please note that voice calls are charged monthly in arrears as per the prevailing low Vodacom VoIP rate card and the VoIP connection is charged monthly at R169.00 each. .

        • Installation price is based on standard installation
        • Extra charges are levied for cabling over 40m and non-standard mounts, amongst others
        • Data usage is subject to the monthly data bundle purchased (with optional top-ups) and our daily Fair Access Policy

        To get optional Broadband Connect Satellite VoIP

        • Order the Satellite VoIP feature 
        • Order the IP Talk service to receive your VoIP phone number/s 
        • Get these optional telephone devices with your voice service: 
             o ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) device to connect one or more standard analogue telephones to a digital system 
             o An IP Phone for a single connection
             o If you need more extentions, an onsite IP PBX (Providing up to 4 concurrent calls), especially designed to bring enterprise-grade features to small- and medium-sized businesses 

        We've got four service plans available which give you flexibility and control over your changing business needs for both Internet and voice usage. BC Satellite offers throughput ranging from 512kbps to 4Mbps on the downlink. The throughput is the maximum “burstable” throughput available per service plan.

        Broadband Connect Satellite price plans

         Plans Max download (kbps)Max upload (kbps)Data bundleMax concurrent VoIP
        24-Month contract (Incl. VAT)
        BC Sat 53    
        1283GB1 R513
        BC Sat 105 10242565GB2 R972
        BC Sat 2102048384 10GB3 R1 219
        BC Sat 420 4096512  20GB R 1 881

        A once-off standard installation charge of R1999.00 (VAT Incl.) is applicable.Extra charges are levied for cabling over 40 meters and non-standard mounts, amongst others.

        Broadband Connect Satellite Top Up bundles

        Once you've used up your monthly data allocation, you can purchase any of these once-off bundles. Out-of-bundle rates do not apply to Broadband Connect Satellite. 

        Top Up bundleData allocationCost (Incl. VAT) 
        BC Sat 1GB     1GB R330 (once-off) 
        BC Sat 3GB  3GB R490 (once-off) 
        BC Sat 5GB 5GB R775 (once-off) 
        BC Sat 10GB  10GB R1 093 (once-off) 
        BC Sat 20GB20GB R2 164 (once-off)
        BC Sat 50GB50GB R5 193 (once-off)
        BC Sat 100GB100GB R9 349 (once-off)

        Broadband Connect Satellite Voice
        Optional Broadband Connect Satellite Voice is now also available over the same broadband connection. IP Talk, our Voice over IP (VoIP) service, lets you make phone calls over the Broadband Connect Satellite connection without interfering with the Internet connection and usage. Simply pay a monthly  IP Talk connection fee of R169 (per IP Talk Incl. VAT) to get your 087 number and the maximum of voice connections supported as per your selected service plan. Save up to 30% on your voice bill and pay the voice calls as per the prevailing Vodacom  VoIP rate card.