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1. Choose your 3G desk phone billing preference

Choose from a monthly subscription with an upfront once-off cost of R3277.00 (incl. VAT) per 3G desk phone or a 24 month subscription without the required upfront once-off cost

2. Select the number of users you have

You may select a maximum of 250 users across mobile and desk phone users

Mobile users

How many employees need to have One Net Express activated on their cellphones? Please note this does not include the cellphone contract tariff.

3G desk phone users (small)

R199 per month per 3G desk phone. Includes: 100 anytime voice minutes, 250 MB data and 50 SMSs. How many users need this?

3G desk phone users (Medium)

R299 per month per 3G desk phone. Includes: 150 anytime voice minutes, 500 MB data and 75 SMSs. How many users need this?

3. Choose your specifications

Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups divert calls around a group till they are answered. You can have a maximum of 9 Hunt groups. How many do you need?


Use the Auto-attendant to direct customers to the right part of your business first time. Would you like Auto-attendant?

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