One Net Business

The next evolution towards a truly fixed and mobile converged telephony service.

  • Combines fixed and mobile telephony services into one cloud-based Unified Communications solution.
  • Reduces the number of missed calls
  • Makes costs more predictable

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What is One Net Business?

Vodacom One Net Business provides enhanced Unified Communications features and functionality that will integrate your fixed and mobile telephony services and lines, offering true convergence experience.

Why choose One Net Business?

Vodacom One Net Business provides a simple solution for companies struggling with the cost and inefficiency of missed phone calls and complex mobile and landline phone systems. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it enables flexible working within a pay-as-you grow model.

One voicemail for your customers

Your cellphone and landline number become one.  Be available under one number on all your devices, regardless of whether you are in the office, at home, abroad or on your cellphone.  A single voicemail inbox means you'll never miss a call from you customers again.

Better collaboration

Your cellphone and landline number become one. Be available under one number on all your devices

Quality at network provider level

Make crystal clear voice calls on our world-class Vodacom infrastructure.  As the provider of our own integrated fixed-line and cellphone network, we can ensure the highest flexibility and quality.

One provider

Vodacom handles voice and data for all your fixed and mobile requirements.

Future-proofed Unified Communications technology in the cloud

Regular new software releases and an easy-to-use self-service portal (One Net Manager) that lets you manage your One Net Business services directly.

Direct calls

You can transfer calls to the right department or person from any device.

Fixed and mobile convergence

Allows you to determine how fixed and cellphone calls are answered and managed between devices.

Always ready to answer

Monitor the availability of colleagues and direct calls as needed.

Benefits to your business

Vodacom's One Net Business services provides all the benefits of:

  • Voice through advanced Unified Communications features which include:
     enterprise telephony, hunt groups, auto attendant, conference calling, receptionist, executive assistant and more.
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Video collaboration
  • Content sharing through a single platform
  • A range of IP phones and soft clients that will enhance the fixed and mobile converged experience


Opportunities rarely knock twice.

With One Net Business from Vodacom, you’ll be ready to capitalise on every opportunity, no matter where you are.

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