Broadband Connect LTE promotion T&C's

Broadband Connect LTE promotion – Terms and conditions

  1. The Double your data promotion will be available to all customers who activate or upgrade to the Broadband Connect LTE 24 month contracts.
  2. The promotion is only valid during the promotional period from 24 August 2015 to 30 September 2015.
  3. A customer who does an upgrade/downgrade on the Broadband Connect LTE service after the promotion had ended, will not qualify for the double the data, however, they will still benefit from reduced pricing.
  4. Customers activating Broadband Connect LTE 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 30GB and 40GB will qualify for double the data for 24 months of their contract.
  5. The promotional data will expire at the end of the current month. NO carry-over of the promotional data bundle will be applicable.
  6. No transfer of the promotional data bundle will be allowed.
  7. No Night Owl will be allocated to the promotional data bundle.
  8. The promotional data bundle must be made available on all of the existing self-service balance enquiry channels.
  9. Customer Care must have visibility in viewing the promotional data bundle to manage support queries.
  10.  Customers will also receive an IP telephony device when applying for this bundle during the promotional period.
  11.  VoIP calls on the telephone will be billed at standard VoIP rates.
  12.  Should a customer decide to cancel the subscription, standard clawback rules will apply.
  13. Customers who subscriber to this promo will receive the standard CPE for BBC LTE, LTE  dongle, SIM Card, VoIP


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