LTE Broadband MyGig 20 terms and conditions T&Cs

  • Promotional contract is available from 2 September 2013 to 6 December 2013

  • Promotional contract is available to Business Contract customers only

  • Promotional contract is available as new and upgrade contracts; no migrations to the promotional contracts are allowed

  • Promotional contract includes a router.

  • Promotional pricing is as follows:

Bundle New price IB rate
OB rate
Post paid
 MyGig 20 R 899 R 3.0950c 

  • Promotional contract available via direct and indirect channels

  • Promotional contract will have a term of 24 months

  • Promotional contract includes VAT.

  • Night Owl is included for the promotional contract.

  • After the initial 24 months contract period, the contract will continue on a month-to-month basis at the promotional price until the contract is terminated or the customer upgrades to another contract.

  • Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time spent connected

  • Customers with promotional contract will not be able to purchase any month-to-month data bundles

  • Customers with promotional contract will only be able to purchase Broadband Standard once-off bundles; unlimited once-off bundle purchases are allowed

  • SMS messages are charged at standard rates or SMS bundled rates if applicable

  • Promotional contract will be voice capable and the out-of-bundle voice rates applicable to 3G data contracts will be applicable

  • Tariffs do not apply to data roaming

  • The monthly tariff and data allocation will be prorated for the first month of the contract


  • No migrations to the promotional contracts are allowed


  • All data unused during the month in which it were allocated will carry-over to the last day of the next  month

  • Customer is required to check Vodacom coverage map to determine if LTE coverage is available where the service will be utilised.

  • This service is subject to LTE coverage and availability. Vodacom does not guarantee availability and throughput.

  • Promotional pricing is subject to stock availability.


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