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Connected Digital Education

Connected digital education is about Connecting learners, educators and institutions through accessible data, preferred affordable rates and additional benefits to keep your learners & schools always switched on.

We are making connectivity & “school as usual” possible for more students, educators & schools – bridging the affordability gap and giving more access to those who really need it whilst providing them with more of the things they are interested in, more opportunities for engagement and more opportunities to share their world’s and increase their knowledge with others.

Helping students

Not only is technology helping students access class content, but is also improving their digital literacy, a key skill in today’s society.

Helping educators

Collaboration tools can give educators new ways to understand how students are progressing with their learning and gives them the ability to share feedback with them in real-time, guiding them through their learning. Educators can use planning software to prepare tasks and content ahead of time and automate time consuming tasks, in order to have more spare time to spend with their students, focused on their development.

Helping schools

By using technology in the classroom, both educators and students can develop essential digital skills. Modern learning is about collaborating, problem solving and developing different forms of communication – all of these skills are put into action through digital education.





  • Preferential rate bundle of 10GB Microsoft Data bundle and 20GB night owl
  • Additional add on bundles at reduced prices
  • A selection of hardware at better prices

NXT Level

  • Best VALUE bundles and deals for under 25s
  • Access digital skills, mentorships and education platforms
  • Access latest music, videos, events, plus the dopest rewards and games

Microsoft office 365 A1 - FREE LICENSE

  • Access to virtual communication and collaboration tools
  • Includes document viewing and editing with office online
  • Collaborate & save educators time with a single hub for classes and teams


  • Cheaper voice and internet offers
  • Access to zero-rated sites for education portals, jobs & health
  • Access to trials of various content services

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