Changes to our Price Plans

Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our commitment to improve simplicity and give you the best value possible, we’ll be discontinuing certain contract price plans from 01 December 2017 to 01 April 2018. 

Don’t worry! You will not be disconnected and all services will remain active, however, if you’re still on an old plan by 01 April 2018, you’ll be automatically – and seamlessly – moved over to one of our new Vodacom price plans at a similar monthly subscription and value.

To see our new price plan options, visit our Vodacom Business website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which price plans are being discontinued?

List of discontinued price plans:

AllDay 100 Smart Standard 229 Top Up 140 S
BlackBerry Email BIS Smart Super Top Up 200 S
BlackBerry Talk 100 BIS Smart Talk 500S(24 months) Top Up 200 Vodacom 4 Less
BlackBerry Talk 240 BIS Talk 1000 Plus Per Second Top Up 285 S
Everyday Off-peak 120 Per Second Talk 120 Per Second Top Up 335
Everyday Off-peak 120 Plus Call Talk 130 Plus Call Top Up 335 S
iPhone 120 S Voice Talk 200 Plus Call per Second Top Up 400 S
iPhone 240 Talk 240 Plus Call Top Up 500 S
iPhone 500S Talk 350 S Top Up 55 S
iPhone Everyday Off-peak S Talk 500 S Top Up 625 S
Smart 120S (24 months) Talk 75 S Voice Top Up 80 S
Smart Advanced Top Up 1000 Walk-The-Talk Voice
Smart Light Top Up 110 Vodacom 4 Less Weekend 500 Voice
Smart Standard Top Up 140

To find out what’s your current price plan, dial *135# and select ‘Balances’, followed by the ‘Detailed Balance Enquiry’ option.

Why am I being migrated to a new price plan?

Your plan is outdated and offers you fewer benefits than our newer plans.

Will the migration to a new price plan affect my upgrade?

This migration will not affect your upgrade date.

Can I be moved back to my previous plan?

No, the old price plans will no longer be available after 01 December 2017.

Can I change my price plan after being migrated to a new one?

Yes, you can change your price plan but it may be subject to a credit check, and terms and conditions  will apply.  

For information on other price plans that you could migrate to, simply call 0821960
or visit the nearest Vodacom Shop
or contact your Vodacom account manager.


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