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What is Perimeter Security?

Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) for protection against malicious attacks, are seen as the most critical first line of defence ensuring a secure network. A managed hosted shared or dedicated Vodacom Firewall solution provides the maximum level of perimeter protection to our customers' internal network connectivity to the Internet, including optional bulit-in UTM (Universal Threat Management) features.

  Perimeter Security solution offerings


Managed Hosted Shared Firewall

The shared firewall solution is a cost-effective outsourced solution. In the shared hosted model the service will be available, provisioned and managed via a shared, multi-tenanted UTM (optional) device and managed by Vodacom Business. The shared hosted model will be monitored and managed by a centralised management platform that resides in a Vodacom Business Data Centre.


Managed Hosted Shared Firewall

The dedicated firewall solution is outsourced, providing security services as one complete perimeter security package.

This dedicated firewall solution consists of:


Managed On-Site Dedicated Firewall

An on-site firewall solution is outsourced, providing a security service on the customer's premises, with limited management. A variety of firewall hardware model options, with either single to failover service for SME to enterprise environments.



Virtual Hosting Firewall

The Vodacom Business Virtual Hosting offering requires firewall protection. If the customer does not have a firewall (on-site, dedicated hosted or shared hosted) then the Virtual Hosting firewall will be included in the separate Virtual Hosting offering.

How much does Perimeter Security cost?


The cost of these services depend on your business requirements.

Find out how much Secure Remote Access will cost for your business.


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