Data storage & tracking

Tape Back-up
  • Data is backed up and written to physical tapes for future retrieval
  • Back up your data daily, weekly and monthly
  • Easily restore your data for the last seven days (with older data available on tape)
  • Get dedicated back-up tapes
Cloud Back-up
  • Manage your data, back-up schedule and restoration by yourself
  • Do this through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Just install the application and all your data is backed-up automatically
Flexible Data Storage
  • Get flexible disk storage capacity depending on your requirements
  • Save on costs for maintaining storage capacity that you don’t need
  • Only pay for the number of data (GB) you’ve used
Trading Bridge
  • An outsourced, managed and automated B2B e-commerce service
  • Aids in smoother and more effective inter-business operations
  • Integration of your different systems with those of your customers, helping you to achieve your business goals efficiently
  • A base platform for monitoring and controlling many devices from a central interface
  • Monitor remote equipment such as a vending machine or car-tracking device
  • Useful in various industries such as automotive, fleet and asset management, consumer electronics, healthcare, smart metering and smart homes
Enterprise Mobility
  • With our range of mobile applications & devices, your New Link staff can work smarter and better.
  • Stay connected to the right information at the right time
  • Mobilise your business , to drive revenue through better customer engagements
  • Track people and their vehicles using either a computer or web- enabled cellphone
  • Get a LiveTrack device carried by the person or installed in the vehicle that is to be tracked
  • Get detailed historical or almost real-time reports

Global Data Service Platform
  • Manage your connected M2M (Machine-to-Machine) deployments
  • Get fast, easy and flexible provisioning of SIMs
  • Effectively control costs
  • Get full control over SIM access
  • Get location awareness to your M2M applications
MachineLink 3G
  • Wireless M2M device service
  • Choice of hardware
  • Integration with Vodafone and Vodacom connectivity
  • Point-to-point or Point-to-Multipoint Machine-to-Machine IP Connectivity.
  • Controlling and monitoring of connected machines from remote locations.