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Our Next Generation Health

Healthcare has evolved, and Vodacom Business is at the forefront of this evolution. Partnerships have been leveraged with various healthcare solution providers that enable screening, monitoring and reporting using Connected Health Devices.

Next Generation Health strives to improve the delivery of healthcare by reducing costs and ensuring that citizens receive the best care available. All of our healthcare solutions are easy to use, roll out and remains cost-effective. Our systems are ready to be implemented and deployed which means you are guaranteed to see the benefits immediately.

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Our healthcare solutions


A mobile enabled community care management solution used by Community Health Workers (CHW’s) to record, manage and report all health care service information.


Mobile enabled application that provides a solution for early detection of hearing loss and linkage of patients to required health services.


Sense4Baby™ is a mobile enabled solution for pregnant women to undergo non-stress testing to monitor foetal and maternal heart rate and contraction patterns using non-invasive sensors at physicians’ offices and clinics.. With Sense4Baby™ clinicians are able to monitor high-risk pregnancies remotely anywhere, anytime.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Refrigeration monitoring allows you to remotely monitor your fridge status in real time.

Stock Visibility

The Stock Visibility Solution enables dispensaries, clinics and pharmacies to monitor and capture stock levels on a daily basis.


A mobile-enabled solution that supports providers of primary health services to increase coverage of their immunization programme.

Health Suitcase

The health suitcase is an all-in-one approach that uses connected health devices such as blood pressure monitors, temperature monitors, glucometers to ensure connectivity to a centralized mHealth gateway.

Workforce Management

Monitor and evaluate the performance of healthcare workers based on their job descriptions. Remuneration is linked to performance and quality of service delivered to the patient.


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