Trading Bridge

Remotely connect your assets, premises, equipment and vehicle.

  • Wireless M2M device service   
  • Choice of hardware
  • Integration with Vodafone and Vodacom connectivity

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What is Trading Bridge?

Trading Bridge is a business-to-business e-commerce service that supports the automated and integrated exchange of transactions through standardised message formatting between and within businesses, enabling the facilitation of managed information flows to support supply chain excellence.

It further manages transaction flows between trading partners in a guaranteed, auditable and secure manner. Trading Bridge helps you move beyond simple EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to get enhanced transaction flows using the latest architectures associated with SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud computing services.

Why should I get Trading Bridge?

The size of your company doesn’t matter

With our specially-developed Trading Gateway, even the smallest company can be part of the information chain using just a web browser.

Efficient transaction services

For both operational efficiency and strategic decision making, we ensure that business transactions reach their destinations - accurately and on time.

Flexible plans to suit your needs

Manage a single connection with a single format rather than establishing multiple connections from your ERP system to others.

Consolidation and reduction of IT costs

Trading Bridge provides a cost-effective, single and consistent interface as well as point of contact to reach an extended trading community.

Any-to-any switch

Manages data transactions and files, and allows switching from any communication protocol to any file format mapping.

Transaction agility

Trading Bridge offers agility in time to market, while electronic data exchange expertise provide the benefit of transacting electronically.

How much will Trading Bridge cost?

Our usage based model also allows you to decide how you’re going to use the service and how much you want to pay. A once-off set-up fee for onboading is applicable. Thereafter, you will only be charged a monthly usage fee based on the selected components of your solution.

To find out how much a tailored Trading Bridge solution will cost, let our product experts talk you through it.

Here’s how we are adding value

Tailored and comprehensive solutions

We work closely with our clients to identify issues and concerns in order to develop solutions that are cost-effective and supportive of their specific needs within their supply chains.

Highly-skilled team of business experts

The team is skilled in the development of portals that help smaller companies participate in complex supply chains without the need for expensive technology and resources. 

Overcoming technical barriers

We overcome inhibitors to electronic trading by isolating and insulating businesses from technical barriers such as different systems, communications methods and data standards.


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