Vodacom Field Data

  • App-based – collect and transmit data from anywhere.
  • Collection of data is faster, more accurate and more cost effective.
  • Data can be accessed for analysis via a web portal.

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Vodacom Field Data for your business

The Vodacom Business Field Data application enables public enterprise field workers to proactively collect data more efficiently by giving organisations instant and reliable information about what is happening on the ground. Since mobile devices can send data from almost anywhere, collected data can be transmitted in near real-time for analysis. This makes the collection of data much faster, more accurate and also more cost effective to gather, especially in remote locations when dealing with critical issues such as public health and emergency services. This in turn allows for quicker decision making.

How Vodacom Field Data benefits your organization

Speed and efficiency

Data accuracy

Reduced operating costs

Reduced environmental impact


Pricing options to suit your business needs

License fee: A monthly cost covering the licensing of the software

Including VAT: R57.50

Set-up fee: A once-off cost covering the roll-out of the solution and training

Including VAT: R57.50

Help & support

Vodacom Field Data FAQs

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