Vodacom Managed Backup Solution

Never lose valuable information - simply write your data to tape.

  • Data is backed up and written to physical tapes for future retrieval
  • Back up your data daily, weekly and monthly
  • Easily restore your data for the last seven days (with older data available on tape)
  • Get dedicated back-up tapes

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  • Overview
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What is Vodacom Managed Backup Solution?”

  • Vodacom’s Managed Hosted Backup offers enterprise data protection for both physical and virtual platforms and provides backup and recovery from disk, tape or snapshots with support for both VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines as well as for dedicated infrastructure hosted in our world class data centres.
  • Managed Backup solution offers clients high-performance, backup and recovery for business-critical databases, applications, files and folders with built in optimized de-duplication and compression affording the customer reliability, scalability and performance with cost efficiencies all included in a single comprehensive solution.
  • Data is replicated in a de-duplicated format and encrypted in transit and at rest. The process is completely automated according to pre-defined replication policies. WAN optimization and efficiencies with deduplication on both source and destination offers savings on bandwidth and storage costs.

Why should I get Vodacom Managed Backup Solution?

Much higher speed than a dial-up modem

Enjoy all that the Internet has to offer; image-heavy web pages, fancy web pages, music, and video, at a much higher speed than a conventional dial-up modem.

Saves time and effort

We manage the service for you so you don’t have to store data on your premises or maintain it in anyway.

Offers extra security

Along with a secure data storage facility, you can also choose to have drive-based encryption on your data back-up.


You can scale your solution to match your changing business needs without any downtime.


The service consolidates and saves data from all your applications in a single system, making retrieval easy.

  • Scalable backups, offline storage, fast retrieval.
  • Unified backup, de-duplication, with support for VMWare and Hyper-V.
  • Recovery in minutes or restore just a file with granular recovery technology.
  • Consolidates and protects data in hybrid environments.
  • Encryption for security.
  • Multiplexed backup jobs for maximum performance.
  • De-duplication at source and destination for cost savings.
  • Quickly and easily locate needed information with enhanced search functionality.

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