Product overview

BlackBerry® UEM delivers unified endpoint management and policy control for your diverse and growing fleet of devices and apps. With its single management console and trusted end-to-end security model, it provides the flexibility and security you need to keep your employees connected and protected.

Product specifications

Easily manage users, apps, devices, content and policies. Mobilise your business content including documents, business intelligence, customer records and more - simply and securely! Users can access the content they need, where and when they need it, while IT stays in control of corporate-owned, bring-your-own and shared-use devices.


The ability to manage multiple Operating Systems: iOS, Android, Windows 10, MacOS, BlackBerry.

Control and security

The ability to manage all endpoints from a secure unified console.


The ability to use one licence key on multiple devices.

In addition, Blackberry UEM gives you have the ability to:

• Manage secure containers and OS frameworks.

          - Multi-OS: BlackBerry Dynamics

          - iOS: Managed App Configuration, AppConfig Community.

          - Android: Android for Work, Samsung Knox Workspace.

          - Windows 10: Windows Information Protection (WIP)

• Manage and support all types of business users

          - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

          - COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled)

          - COBO (Corporate Owned Business Only)

'How to' guides

Find out how to create a BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management Cloud tenant.

Download guide [133KB]

Find out how to activate a Unified Endpoint Management end user device.

Download guide [74KB]

Product Pricing

Feature Advantage Support

For the ongoing success of your Unified Endpoint Management solution.

Management Edition

Manage mobile devices and securely access corporate Intranet and docs behind the firewall.

Enterprise Edition

Manage application usage and policy, and empower employees with business productivity.

Collaboration Edition

Mobilise content, deploy leading business apps and deliver enhanced collaboration.

Application Edition

Enhance competitiveness with new custom-developed apps unique to your business.

Content Editon

Protect your enterprise content everywhere it goes, and ensure document security and compliance.



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