Vodacom Secure Device Manager

The all-in-one way to securely manage your devices

The Vodacom Secure Device Manager (VSDM) is the simple, all-in-one way to let your people work with their smart devices without compromising your company’s security.

With VSDM you get:

  • A comprehensive and cross platform solution
  • Quick and easy to installation, usage and maintenance.
  • Everything you need to quickly and easily manage the security of your devices is included in the solution.

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Features and benefits of Vodacom Secure Device Manager

With VSDM, devices are easily activated and added. They are monitored, managed and are proactively supported by early threat detection software

Adding devices

Add and activate smart devices so your people can start using them for work without worrying about security.

Maintaining security

Once a device is added, you can keep it secure not only for day-to-day use but also if it’s misused, lost or stolen.

Monitoring devices

Easily monitor the status and data usage, set up alerts and protocols and automatically receive reports.

Managing devices

No matter how many devices come and go on your company’s network, you can quickly and easily manage them.

Supporting devices

From identifying potential issues early on to fixing problems over the air, VSDM makes supporting devices much simpler and more effective.

Comprehensive and cross-platform

Monitor or manage mobile smart devices running all the major operating systems.

A secure hosted solution

Fast, reliable mobile connectivity in our highly secure data centres.

Web-based console

Easily and conveniently access the console over the web.

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