Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

Multi-platform application development infrastructure

Our Mobile Enterprise Application Platform provides infrastructure and the environment for application development, implementation as well as management capabilities for mobile enterprises

This is a flexible solution that caters to all types of devices and operating systems, providing the tools needed to perform a number of business operations.

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Centralized Management

  • Admin portal for various utility and management
  • Common role based access system

Easy to use Hybrid IDE

  • Eclipse based IDE for cross platform Hybrid App development

Enterprise App Store

  • Secured access for Enterprise users
  • Multichannel access
  • MAM capabilities

Push Notifications

  • Integrated Push Notification Engine for auto and manual messaging

Zero-coding Backend Connectors

  • Broad range of backend connectors supporting; REST, SOAP, XML + Proprietary Connectors

Low Learning Curve

  • Uses standard technologies for client development
  • UI based backend integration

Is MEAP applicable for my Enterprise?

A MEAP solution works best for organizations looking for over three mobile applications or above 150 users

Seamless connectivity

Enterprise Mobility Framework


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