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Vodacom e-Learning provides tools to enhance the mobile environment in the education sector. The solution ranges from applications, to managing schools and administration, to learning tools that will enhance a learners experience.

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What is Vodacom e-Learning?

At the heart of Vodacom is the belief that Information Communication Technology (ICT) makes social change possible. We support projects that provide technology solutions in education and other sectors, helping meet South Africa’s needs. ICT has transformed the classroom of the 21st century by opening up new vistas and possibilities for learners and teachers.

Our e-learning solution lets educators improve the classroom experience for their learners, using rich digitized media content. Learners will access the same curriculum content and learning materials that the educator uses in the class, and this will be delivered via their smartphones, tablets, digital boards or PC browser.

The Vodacom e-Learning solution

Vodacom has developed an end-to-end fully managed solution aimed at improving teaching and learning in the classroom. This will deliver a fit for purpose end-to-end solution, having a positive impact on educators, administrators, learners and the community.

The solution consists of:

e-Learner Solution

Learners are enabled to:
• Highlight important sections
• Make annotations, write notes and make sketches at any position in a e-textbook
• Look up any word in any subject, simply by touching it and activating the built-in digital dictionary
• Generate automatic context summaries
• Save or print summaries
• Collaborate with educators or learners.

e-Educator Solution

Educators are enabled to:
• Perform research
• Share content with learners
• Prepare lesson plans
• Show rich content and engage learners on interactive boards
• Track learner performance
• Prepare reports
• Assign homework
• Engage in live chats.

e-Classroom Solution

The m-Classroom solution consists of:
• Connectivity
• School Server, router and firewall
• Educator laptop / tablet
• Interactive board
• Printer
• e-content
• Learner tablets in class
• Trolley
• Training and support.

Features and benefits of e-Learning

Less Admin, More Teaching

The m-Education solution will ensure that the educator spends more time teaching than marking, preparing reports etc.
This solution takes away the admin associated with teaching.

Improved Retention and Understanding

Because of the rich learning experience that is enabled by the use of multimedia and instructional design, learning becomes fun and content retention and the understanding of the key principles is enhanced.

Real-Time Access to Learning Material

Learners can access textbooks, interactive lessons and other material from anywhere via the internet. This makes revision, studying for tests and doing homework easier and a lot more rewarding.


With the availability of rich interactive material learners are free to test concepts without the fear of being ridiculed. Even those that would not participate in class would have the freedom to voice their opinions. This system encourages learners to explore and try new ideas.

Personalised Learning

The solution provides a wide range of supplementary learning material and activities. Depending on the learners’ or class needs the educator will deliver additional content that is relevant to the circumstances.

Rewarding Teaching Experience

The content that the educator has access to is of high quality and it makes concepts easy to understand. The educator has access to a plethora of existing content that is aligned to the curriculum and they have access to additional material.

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