What is Reversed Billed Data?

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Reverse Billed Data allows you to offer customers and staff free access to your business websites and apps using data that your business pays for at preferential rates.

Why choose Reversed Billed Data?

Increase customer enablement

Data consumption is billed to the enterprise and not to the device accessing the site..

Flexible to all users

Offered to all Vodacom end-users across payment types (Postpaid, Prepaid, Top Up).

Simplicity at your fingertips

No additional provisioning required on the end-user’s device

Control your operational costs

Tiered billing model with reduced subscription and once-off fees for multiple IPs. 

    Manage your data spend

    Lower per MB costs for increased data consumption. 

      Control access usage

      End-users access to the business website and app.

        Benefits of Reversed Billed Data






        How much does it cost?

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