Vodacom Smartgov

Streamline government departments

Vodacom Smartgov is a groundbreaking software platform designed to streamline government departments with cost effective, paperless solutions. It is off-the-shelf, but not one-size-fits all. Every installation is customised to the needs of the individual government department.

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What is Vodacom Smartgov

The Vodacom Smartgov solution, powered by Boxfusion, comes with guaranteed service and support built for South African conditions.

As governments continuously strive for quicker, more accurate service delivery, Vodacom Smartgov offers a robust and feature-rich solution purpose-built for the unique challenges of South African government. In fact, due to stringent development over the past five years, Vodacom Smartgov is now, without a doubt, the most complete off-the-shelf government software platform locally available.

Vodacom Smartgov targets administrative processes within the South African governmental management chain, such as: 

    • supply chain management

    • leave management

    • document management.

Vodacom Smartgov addresses these problem areas swiftly and effectively, while implementation time is minimal – ensuring cleaner audits time after time.

What does Vodacom Smartgov mean to you?

For the CIO


•  Lowers the cost and risk of IT
•  Delivers value immediately
•  Drives eGovernment

For the CFO

• Tightens financial controls and
•  Accelerates procurement and
•  Pays suppliers on time

For the COO

•  Streamlines administration by
    going paperless
•  Strengthens performance

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