Vodacom Time Management

Monitor and track the activity of your staff

Vodacom Time Management solutions allow you to monitor and track the activity of your staff at any given point in time. The functionalities of VTM give you peace of mind, help you change

certain working behaviours and could mean you have substantial cost savings too.

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Vodacom Time Management solutions

Econz Wireless

 Econz Wireless is available for use on cellphones,  smartphones and tablets and lets you keep track of where  your employees are located and the amount of time they  spend on various tasks. This allows you to get real-time  records of the time your employees spend on a task, so that  you can invoice your customers accordingly.

Road Ranger

 A cross-platform generic mobile solution to be customised  to the customer’s specific environment. 

  • To enable the customer to have a live view of remote
  • User friendly solution
  • Cost effective solution
  • APIs for integration into existing customer platforms


  Business Builder 

  Vodacom Spend Manager 


  Vodacom m-Health


 Field force

Enterprise Mobility Framework


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