Seamless connectivity

Always on, always available and always secure

ways of connecting you to your data. Whether you are working in a coffee shop or at your office, your connectivity and access to your data is seamless which means an enterprise’s data is always on, always available and always secure.

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Architecture and deployment

Vodacom has strived to implement a dedicated hosted service worldwide with strong infastructure to ensure confidence when working anywhere, anytime. 

We can design, build, test and transition a solution for you. 

Dedicated Global Solution

• Dedicated globally hosted services provide private and isolated instances.

• Hosted services run in our data centres.

• Secure and fully managed hosting with no shared application infrastructure (D-SaaS or Private Cloud).


• Optimised and dedicated IT infrastructure.

• Reduces costs and frees up resources.

• We can host assets on a secure, efficient data centre.

• Allows greater flexibility and faster access.


• We can provide installation services to set up.

• We can also configure the service in data centres managed by our customers.

Always on, always available and always secure

Our Cloud and hosting network provides access to business applications, people and their data. We provide effective communication and help you roll out business applications in a safe, secure manner. 

We manage communications and your backed up data is safe too. We can manage IT structure and help you design and plan your perfect cloud solution.

Our offering increases employee engagement and productivity with innovative solutions that give flexibility. Communication and collaboration is secure and reliable through fixed and mobile connectivity, the cloud and advanced tools.

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Complete security

Enterprise Mobility Framework


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