Conference Connect

High quality, affordable video conferencing services.

  • Makes video conferencing as easy as calling from a cellphone.
  • Easy & secure collaboration with business partners and customers.
  • Software works on all systems and devices – no app needed!
  • Enjoy instant group chats, share content online and record meetings.

To get Conference Connect

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Call 082 1960 to speak to a sales consultant, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

Vodacom Conference Connect is a first-of-its-kind video collaboration software solution that lets your business engage with other businesses - or individuals - easily and securely, on any system or device. 

Purely a software extension, it gives universal access to high definition video communication with any business or consumer at the highest quality, inter-operability and reliability. 

The best part? It’s as easy as making a phone call!

    Co-ordinate meetings seamlessly

    Schedule upcoming video calls – even with cellphone users on-the-go. Email/calendar invitations are automatically sent with meeting details plus a web link for instant ‘click-to-connect’ access.

    More features and control 

    Record the session for effective management and minutes tracking. Participants can initiate convenient content sharing and start a group chat for instant written communication.

    No complicated tech-stuff

    Hosting a virtual meeting is as simple as making a phone call. Do it from anywhere, at any time – even on your cellphone! It’s not system/device dependant.

    Less data usage

    Thanks to our advanced network technology, you’ll get quality video connectivity while using less data than conventional video conferencing platforms. 

      Save on costs

      Don’t buy new equipment/software - use your existing laptops, smart devices, webcam and Internet browser. We’re responsible for the video bridging hardware & software upgrades.

          How much does Conference Connect cost?

          12-Month contract  Description
          5-Participant virtual meeting room 

          R460 per month x 12

          10-Participant virtual meeting room

          R575 per month x 12

          15-Participant virtual meeting room 

          R690 per month x 12
          24-Month contract  Description
          5-Participant virtual meeting room 

          R403 per month x 24
          10-Participant virtual meeting room

          R460 per month x 24

          15-Participant virtual meeting room 

          R575 per month x 24

          How do I get Conference Connect?

          Request call back


          Call 082 1960, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone and speak to a sales consultant.

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