Vodacom SecureNet

Keep your business devices secure and threat-free! 

  • Security for your employees’ smart devices and modems
  • Effective, vital protection against viruses, malware and phishing
  • Runs on our network, so your IT managers don’t have to do a thing!

To get SecureNet

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  • Vodacom SecureNet is an online security product which protects your employees against viruses, malware and phishing when they browse the Internet using smart devices and modems containing Vodacom Business SIM cards. 

  • SecureNet is network-based and not loaded on devices. This means that menacing malware cannot disable our anti-virus protection software via devices plus users don’t have to install, update or manage it. SecureNet also won’t impact device performance because it doesn’t use up memory and processing power.

Protection for smart devices 

Helps protect against viruses, malware and phishing sites when browsing the Internet using non- encrypted communication and when receiving unsavory emails (Webmail and POP/IMAP).

Deployed on our mobile network

IT staff don’t need to manage any hardware, software or upgrades. No need to worry about operating systems and whether or not proprietary anti-virus or anti-malware software is up-to-date.

No impact on device performance.

SecureNet is network-based so unlike other anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, it doesn’t require device memory and processing power – your device performance remains unaffected!

How much does it cost?

SecureNet reduces the costs involved with proprietary security hardware and software. 

If your Vodacom Business price plan automatically qualifies for this service but you don’t want it, simply opt out. If your current price plan isn’t eligible, you may opt in at any time and pay only R10 monthly.

Vodacom Business price plan 



Standard Smart Business (e.g. S, M)



 Standard Smart Business (e.g. S, M)



  Red price plans



 MyGig5, 10 & 20 MBB 12-month Contract



 MyGig5, 10 & 20 MBB 24-month Contract



 MyGig5, 10 & 20 MBB 12-month Top Up



 MyGig5, 10 & 20 MBB 24-month Top Up



 Non-qualifying price plan


 R10 per month

  • To discover how you can protect your employees’ smart devices, contact your Account Manager or call Customer Care on 082 1940, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.


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