Connected Farmer

Ready for the future of sustainable farming?

Connected Farmer overview

Vodacom Connected Farmer is a cloud-based web and mobile software solution that links enterprises to smallholder farmers through the transfer of industry-related information, which equips the farmer to make better decisions and improve efficiencies, and in turn the enterprise consistently receives improved produce. It has proven invaluable in other African regions and is now also available in SA.
Here’s how Connected Farmer can add value to your business:

  • Record, process and manage farmer profile information in a single, consolidated farmer database.

  • Delivery receipts sent to farmers via SMS to eliminate the need for paper-based records.

  • Provides the ability to select and communicate with farmers, whether individually or in groups.

  • Enables the recording and tracking of purchased crops from the point of delivery to storage.

Digitising the agricultural value chain

With help from us and our partners, farmers can now access essential information directly from their mobile phones - no matter how big or small their business. See how we're doing it.

To get Connected Farmer

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Did you know?

  • Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 most progressive and influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.

  • We have more than 1 300 world-class Internet of Things experts across the continent.

  • We're the first Internet of Things provider to make over 60 million connections globally.


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