Connected Cabinets

Transform retail display into intelligent assets

Connected Cabinets overview

Sales are impacted by improper operating conditions leading to deteriorated products in the display, as well as by poor stock management. We can help you transform your retail display cabinets such as beverage coolers and freezers into connected, intelligent assets which are able to report their location, operational status and stock levels in real time.

Here’s how Connected Cabinets can add value to your business:

  • Provides better product placement and improved monitoring of retail display cabinets.

  • Presents the transparency needed to control your chillers, cabinets and freezers to cut costs.

  • Turn your display cabinets into connected intelligent assets for improved operation streamlining.

  • See exact temperatures in each of your cabinets and coolers to ensure optimal product quality.

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Did you know?

  • Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 most progressive and influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.

  • We have more than 1 300 world-class Internet of Things experts across the continent.

  • We're the first Internet of Things provider to make over 60 million connections globally.


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