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Thermal Scanner Benefits

The key benefits of Vodacom Thermal Scanner

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    Real Time Data

    This contactless screening solution provides businesses with insights in order to stay compliant, while keeping employees and customers safe.

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    Smart Monitoring

    Monitor your employees or customers' body temperature from a safe distance as they enter a specific area or building.

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    Health and Safety

    Non-invasive measurements for those being monitored, producing instant and objective results to guide Health, Safety and Environment personnel and improving.

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Product overview
Why Thermal Scanning?

This solutions provides a contactless screening process which decreases the risk of further infections using our Thermal Camera or IR SMART devices in partnership with IoT.nxt. This solution can be integrated with existing access control systems such as magnetic locks.


Keep your employees safe

The smarter way to keep your employees and customers safe.

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Centralized Monitoring

Enable monitoring of single or multi-location ecosystems using our CoVision web based platform, optimized for the Google Chrome browser with access to the internet

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Up to one year's storage of information to provide a digital audit trail, as well as reporting on information collected

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People Counting

People counting data will help you make well-informed decisions about your business. And ensure compliance with restrictions set during this global Pandemic

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Limits Spread

Keep consumers, visitors or owners informed. Through visibility and data collection we allow for proactive decision making, to reduce the risk of infections and help limit the spread. Solution related information can be made public or kept private for internal us