Business ADSL

An always-on, low-cost alternative to having a dedicated Internet access line. 

  • Business ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a flexible fixed-line broadband Internet access medium
  • Cost-effective solution as you don’t pay for the time you spend online, but only for the amount of data you transfer

To get Business ADSL

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  • Overview
  • Plans & costs

    • Business ADSL is a flexible fixed-line broadband Internet access medium, specifically aimed at addressing the unique requirements of small and medium businesses
    • For example, if your business needs to always be connected to the Internet but your Internet usage does not justify installing a dedicated Fibre, Microwave or Satellite Internet access line
    • You have a choice of line speed as well as data volume, to suit your needs. View our plans

    Why should I get Business ADSL?

    High-speed Internet for business

    ADSL provides a high-speed solution to suit your business requirements, such as rapid data transfer and dedicated Internet access.

    Flexible packages to save costs

    Get a capped service and pay only for the data you use with the option to top up, or choose an uncapped service at a fixed monthly fee with unlimited data.

    Built-in redundancy and fail-over

    Our ADSL has ‘fail-over functionality’ so the infrastructure is always available, and is backed by high-quality service, guaranteed by an all-fibre infrastructure until the last mile of copper.

    Fixed line reliability

    ADSL uses existing telephone lines so the infrastructure you need for broadband Internet access is readily available. 

    Easy to add on additional Internet services

    You can easily scale and add business applications like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Storage Area Networks and online back-up solutions to achieve greater functionality.

    Capped Shaped up to 1024Kbps



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    Uncapped Shaped at 2048Kbps

    Unlimited data usageat

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    Uncapped Shaped at  10240Kbps

    Unlimited data usageat


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    How do I get Business ADSL?

    To use Business ADSL, you need:

    • A standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) from Telkom
    • ADSL-compatible local telephone exchange (check the maximum speed supported since this will affect the choice of Broadband ADSL package
    • For capped plans, you need an ADSL modem or modem/router which you can get from us
    • For uncapped plans you need an ADSL router, provided by us, on a monthly lease-to-own option or an outright purchase option

     We have capped or uncapped ADSL packages

     If your data usage is
     Then Choose
    Constant and predictableCapped access – with a Top Up option
    High, unpredictable and changes frequently Uncapped access – flat monthly rate for unlimited data usage

    You have a choice of Broadband Connect ADSL speeds

    If you need 
    Then choose 
    Rapid upload, download and transfer of a lot of large files A faster line speed
    Reliable Internet access and email delivery without much concern for speed

     A slower and less expensive line speed
        Capped Shaped      Uncapped Shaped
    1GB 3GB  5GB  10GB  15GB  20GB 
    Line Speed up to        
    2048KbpsR 179R 227R 256R 353R 493R 603 R 1 053 
    4096Kbps  R 352  R 400 R 429  R 526  R 666 R 776  R 1 854 
    10240Kbps  R 440  R 488 R 517 R 614  R 754 R 864  R 3 594
    Maximum line speed depends on coverage 
    All prices include VAT and ADSL line rental 


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