M2M Number Migration notice

Which Tariff plans does this affect?

  • All MSISDNs that utilises Machine Related Services for M2M /IoT purposes.

What does this mean to M2M/IoT customers?

We urge you to investigate whether this change will affect your business systems or services and to make the necessary changes in order to support the new number range. Vodacom will communicate your specific migration date once agreed with you in due course. 

Please contact your Account Manager to discuss any concerns or to find out more about this Number Migration Plan or for further enquiries please send an email to:    

                                                                                      Email us

How does the Regulation impact M2M/IoT customers?

There are two main impacts that the Regulation has on numbers used in M2M/ IoTapplications:

  • A new dedicated number range is used with prefixes 096, 097 and 098
  • The length of the MSISDN increases from 10 to 14 digits

The MSISDN length falls in line with E.164 number format

What is the aim of the Regulation?

The dramatic increase in the amount of M2M /IoT devices being deployed in South Africa as well as the expected growth in the market has made it necessary to create a dedicated number range in order to free up numbers in the traditional voice and data number ranges.

Will my SIM card need to be  replaced?

No, your SIM card will not need to be replaced.

Will there be a cost to me associated with this change?

Vodacom does not charge for the migration. However there may be a cost incurred to the customer should the customer’s system not be able to accommodate this 14 digit change.  

Will there be any downtime when the numbers are migrated from the old MSISDN to the new MSISDN?

No, there will be no system downtime experienced as a result of the change.

How will Vodacom allocate the new numbers to existing active M2M / IoT subscriber lines?

New MSISDNs will be randomly allocated for the following number range: 096 020 0500 0000 to 096 020 0599 9999 or 096 020 0600 0000 to 096 020 0699 9999

Do the new numbers have the same functionality as the current ones?

There is no change to the functionality of SIM or the tariff.

If the SIM is used in an application which uses both voice and data – does the MSISDN need to be migrated?

Yes, if the Sim is used for M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) it will be migrated to 14 digits.

How will the number change requirements affect the Vodacom Global Data Services Platform (GDSP) solution?

As the Vodacom GDSP Global M2M /IoT platform solution does not use a traditional MSISDN there will be no change required for customers using the GDSP solution.

I have not had anyone contact me from Vodacom, what should I do?

A  Vodacom representative will be in contact to make arrangements and to plan for the successful migration to the 14 digit number range.  If you would like us to call you sooner, please send us an email with your contact details (name, surname,    company name, contact numbers and Vodacom account number), and we will make contact with you as soon as possible on  NumberPlan@vodacom.co.za

*For further details please refer to the ICASA website on the Number Plan Regulation*


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