Mobile & voice

Conference Call Advanced
  • Set up multi-party, dedicated conference calls for FREE
  • Make a single phone call to set up your conference
  • Book your conference call either in advance or on-the-fly
  • Available to participants on any South African cellular or fixed-line network
One Net Business
  • Combines fixed and mobile telephony services into one cloud-based Unified Communications solution.
  • Reduces the number of missed calls
  • Makes costs more predictable
Hosted IP PBX
  • Get flexible disk storage capacity depending on your requirements
  • Save on costs for maintaining storage capacity that you don’t need
  • Only pay for the number of data (GB) you’ve used
Spend Manager
  • Assists enterprises in understanding and managing their mobile spend – at a global and/or local level, and across voice devices, mobile APN and data devices
  • A global view of your mobile spend per month or over a period of up to 13 months provides clear visibility of your entire mobile fleet
  • Healthcare management system that uses apps on your cellphone to help and improve home, community- based and corporate healthcare
  • Empowers patients and healthcare providers, reduces market ragmentation and removes complexity
  • The mHealth platform enables you to audit, manage and bill for the services you provide
  • Make ‘phone’ calls over the Internet
  • Save up to 30% on your monthly phone bills
  • Make calls within your business branches and to others
  • Get comprehensive coverage anywhere, anytime
Video Collaboration
  • A fully managed custom-made video conferencing service
  • Share information and view documents at the same time
  • Share desktops to allow for optimum efficiency
  • Use it for meeting rooms, desktops and portable devices
  • Provides necessary audio-visual equipment
Hosted Call Centre
  • A fully modular call centre service
  • Offers software that can help run and manage your physical call centre
  • Choose only the aspects of the solution that you may need
  • Remotely access our data centre and leverage our infrastructure
  • Get a completely supported and managed service