Tenth Street Technology and Vodacom

Nothing moves faster than the speed of the IT business.

  • By partnering with Vodacom, Tenth Street Technology is able to scale up as and when it needs to keep ahead of the competition. This partnership allows Tenth Street Technology to be Ready for anything. 

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When it comes to the ever-changing IT sector, companies need to continually move ahead with new technologies or risk becoming outdated and getting left behind. 

IT consultancy Tenth Street Technology did extensive research and arrived at cloud computing as the solution that they were looking for. The consultancy then appointed Vodacom to implement cloud-based Microsoft® Office 365.

Microsoft® Office 365 is a suite of software packages that includes mail, calendars, virtual meetings and more that enables people to share information and collaborate anywhere across almost any device and at any time.

Another benefit of this product is that since most people are already familiar with Microsoft® products, no extensive training is needed and they can use them right away. The end result was that productivity increased while costs decreased since there is only a fixed, monthly cost based on the number of users of the system.

  • No CAPEX outlay required for hardware and software
  • No need for on-site servers
  • Increased collaboration – staff are able to share information anywhere, at any time across almost any device from  smartphones and tablets to laptops  and PCs
  • Instant software upgrades – since the system is cloud-based, software upgrades can be deployed virtually
  • Cost planning – a fixed monthly fee helps with budgeting
  • Cost control – pay-per-user model
  • Cost savings – calls placed over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cost up to 30% less than calls placed over traditional lines
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft® products
  • No extensive training needed since staff are already familiar with Microsoft® products

    A Ready Business is prepared to deal with the unforeseen changes all businesses face, it has the power to succeed today while always prepared for tomorrow. 
    We can help you become a Ready Business, find out how.


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