loveLife groundBREAKERS

loveLife and Vodacom partner to deliver HIV prevention initiative to South African teens.

  • Through further empowering young people by giving them access to tools and technologies, there has been a significant change from traditional programme monitoring.
  • By partnering with Vodacom, loveLife is able to help prevent HIV and provide community support programmes for those living with HIV.
  • This partnership allows loveLife to be Ready to fight HIV. 

To Become a Ready Business 

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loveLife is South Africa’s largest national HIV prevention initiative for young people. It combines a high powered media campaign with a nationwide network of community level outreach and support programmes to support an HIV-free life among South African teens. When it comes to preventing new HIV infections capturing data in real time and reporting back on the work done is vital to the overall success of the programme. 

In order to accurately evaluate and monitor the success of its programmes, loveLife needed to significantly reduce the amount of time it took to receive reports from their field workers and assess the accuracy of the data. Since the reports were handwritten and paper-based, the collection of data was very slow.

Since loveLife relies hugely on community leaders called groundBreakers across the country to deliver their programme on the ground, they required a modern and reliable monitoring system that tracks all programme activity operated by these 1 250 young leaders who work in over 880 communities nationwide.

The solution was to provide their field workers with web-enabled smart phones and laptops and develop a mobile data capturing system to eliminate manual data capturing.

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  • Reliable and robust mobile data capturing
  • Improved communication
  • Quality data means quality reporting 
  • Improved efficiency    

Case studies

loveLife groundBREAKERS

  • Reliable and robust mobile data
    capturing improved communication quality data means quality reporting

SMS for Life

  • Reduced stock-outs 
    Greater access to medicine
    Improved data accuracy and visibility

SA Ministry of Health and local NGOs

  • Improved levels of care
    Reduced costs
    Issue identification

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