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The Vodacom Ready Business Assessment enables you to evaluate your business’s preparedness for an uncertain and ever-changing future.

The first step to being a Ready Business is knowledge. Our Ready Business Index calculates your business’s Readiness Score and level of technological competitiveness. To do this, we need to know more about your company. Then, based on your profile, we’ll present recommendations on how to improve your score in the areas of operational agility, employee connectedness and customer engagement – helping your business face the future.


How do we assess your business?

Welcome to the Vodacom Ready Business Assessment for South African businesses. Small to medium-sized enterprises or SMEs and large corporate businesses often need independent advice from time to time. This assessment provides business advice in the form of immediate insight into how well your business is positioned to capitalise on opportunities and respond to future threats.


Operational Agility

•  More flexible, resilient and secure communications.

•  Enabling enterprise customers to be confidently connected.

•  Helping our enterprise customers to become more flexible, efficient and more profitable.


Connected Employees

• Enabling employees to work how, when and where they need to.

• Full control over security and costs.

• Helping our enterprise customers to increase productivity, improve engagement and get to market faster.


Customer Engagement

• Take advantage of technology to enable new revenue stream.

• Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Consistent and improved customer experience across all channels.


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Why Vodacom Business?

Why Vodacom Business