Wildlife ACT

Wildlife ACT and Vodacom partner to advance conservation efforts.

  • By partnering with Vodacom, Wildlife ACT harnesses the power of technology to help protect vulnerable species. This partnership enables Wildlife ACT to be Ready to tackle conservation challenges.

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Wildlife ACT actively advances conservation by initiating, implementing, managing and funding equipment for monitoring projects on wildlife reserves in Africa which do not have the means to do so themselves – and they do so FREE of charge. 

Wildlife tracking and monitoring of endangered animals and wildlife species is a critical step in their conservation. It is very difficult to conserve something which you don’t know you have and/or whether conservation efforts are effective in growing populations. Unfortunately, many African game reserves do not have the capacity to run effective wildlife monitoring programmes and require assistance to ensure this vital component of conservation is carried-out. Vodacom’s Machine to Machine technology tracks wildlife so people can help protect them. The services were configured in just 30 minutes and the entire implementation was done in just two weeks with zero server downtime.

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The SMS system, implemented by Vodacom, was robust and durable enough to deliver several key benefits. Wildlife ACT Fund is a not for profit trust that focuses on the following key conservation elements:

  • Finding and funding the right equipment needed to effectively monitor endangered and threatened species
  • Delivering time and expertise to provide adequate management, capture, transport and reintroduction of these animals to new areas
  • Implementing anti-poaching measures and technology in the field 
  • Helping rural communities who live alongside protected wildlife areas to develop a love and respect for nature, provide them with reasons to protect it, and advance economic empowerment 

Case studies

loveLife groundBREAKERS

  • Reliable and robust mobile data
    capturing improved communication quality data means quality reporting

SMS for Life

  • Reduced stock-outs 
    Greater access to medicine
    Improved data accuracy and visibility

SA Ministry of Health and local NGOs

  • Improved levels of care
    Reduced costs
    Issue identification


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