Woolworths Financial Services

Woolworths Financial Services partnered with Vodacom to improve customer service.

  • In a best of both worlds scenario, Woolworths Financial Services was able to save 20% on call costs, decrease operational costs by 15% all while upping service.
  • By partnering with Vodacom, Woolworths Financial Services is able to provide the exceptional customer service its customers expect while capping costs.
  • This partnership allows Woolworths Financial Services to be Ready to deliver superior customer service without exorbitant OPEX costs. 

To Become a Ready Business 

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Woolworths Financial Services (Pty) Ltd, or WFS as it is better known, is a Joint Venture between Woolworths and Absa Bank. It is an authorised financial services provider and supports Woolworths’ retail business by providing in-store credit in the form of the Woolworths Store Card and offering value-added services including credit cards, personal loans and short-term insurance, as well as life insurance linked to other products. With 700 agents, WFS handles calls for its in-store credit system, and recently expanded the business to include the abovementioned products and services.

The growth of this range of financial services created the need for the existing call centre, which handles all the inbound and outbound calls, to expand into new premises and at the same time to replace their aging telephony infrastructure. WFS needed to move offices and required a solution that would involve minimal disruption before, during and after the move. 

The organisation’s primary requirements were to meet the move deadlines which were extremely tight and fixed, as well as to continue to maintain a small asset base. Vodacom’s Hosted Call Centre Solution was chosen for its inherent capabilities and its ability to meet the needs of the organisation seamlessly, rapidly and cost effectively.

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  • Reduced VoIP and operational costs 
  • Provides a complete integrated system which increases the management view of the entire operation to 360 degrees
  • Flexibility of the system allows agents to be added or reduced
  • Speed of implementation with no downtime 

A Ready Business is prepared to deal with the unforeseen changes all businesses face, it has the power to succeed today while always prepared for tomorrow. 

We can help you become a Ready Business, find out how.

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