What is the Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC)?

Networks are continually under attack. New types of attacks must be identified and prohibited in a manner that allows network managers to be aware of the nature of the attack and its source.
Vodacom Business Cybersecurity Intelligence Centre (CIC) offers the following to your business:
• Cyber-Threat Analysis: Correlating reputable cyber-threat intel with customer security events
• Cyber-Threat Identification: Alerting customer of identified cyber-threat incidents
• Cyber-Threat Response: Initiating incident response process for customers to mitigate cyber threats
The Vodacom Business Cyber-security Intelligence Centre (CIC) offers cyber defence against unauthorised activity within our customers’ computer networks, by:
• Gathering and aggregating security-relevant event logs from customer security devices.
• Correlating these events with reputable 3rd party industry cyber intel.
• Monitoring, analysing (trends and patterns) and detecting cyber-threat incidents.
• Alerting customers of, and reporting, on potential and actual security threats.
• Using a team of highly specialised cyber security analysts.
• Enabling our customers to respond to cyber-security threats with appropriate countermeasures in order to prevent cybe-rsecurity incidents.

Why choose Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC)?

Monitoring, detection and analysis of potential intrusions in real time.

Respond to confirmed incidents by communicating with appropriate customer-approved resources.

Engineering and operating SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) technologies and data collection/analysis systems.

Detect potentially malicious adversaries or unwanted activity that warrants further attention by the CIC analysts.

Collect, analyse and, optionally, retain hundreds of millions of security event logs every day for later extraction and use by the customer.

How much does CIC cost?

The cost of these services depend on your business requirements.

Find out how much Cyber Intelligence Centre will cost for your business.

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