The future of remote workingVodacom Business Remote OfficeNow more than ever, businesses should strive to be digital-first.

The future of remote workingVodacom Business Remote OfficeNow more than ever, business should strive to be digital-first.


Remote working during the pandemic

COVID 19 had a major impact on businesses of all sizes. Our experience with the effects that COVID had on industry is that businesses need to focus predominantly on:


• Stable connectivity for their workforce to enable a work from anywhere  solution

• Reliable partners to deliver on digital requirements

• Look to Cloud & Next generation technology to ease the strain on their network, increase efficiencies and reduce costs

• Quick deployment of services & applications to assist withmobilising their workforce

• Seamless productivity from their workforce to deliver on business as usual

• Consistent user experience

• Secure connectivity


Why choose

Vodacom Business Remote Office

Our Remote Office solution gives companies the next generation solutions they need to securely connect, communicate, collaborate and above all, remain productive.


With a fully managed, secure enterprise grade connectivity, as well as back-up solutions so your office can continue work without any interruptions, RemoteOffice from Vodacom Business is the future.


• Fully Managed, Business Grade solution

• Variety of options that suits your business needs

• We have invested smartly and broadly in our network and people to ensure your business stays connected

• Secure cloud access

You’ll benefit from


Collaboration across various devices and locations


A service set identifier that allows traffic to be split prioritising your business work flow over personal


Power outages and subsequent network downtime


Consistent business grade internet access for all employees working remotely


IT supported home networks


Ensuring relevant employees have secure access to business systems 


Reducing Interruptions to various networks


Safe guarding against cyber threats


Remote Office includes:

Internet Access

From your business to your home, choose from LTE, Wireless and Fibre.


Software-Defined Wide Area Network provides improved network visibility and control of applications, and is fully scalable and configurable.

Uninterrupted power supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for power outages.


Secure remote access with multifactor authentications on cloud based platforms. 


Accelerate your business

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