Marketing channel portfolio

Why mobile?

Mobile marketing differs from other media platforms because of its vastly greater capabilities. 


Mobile is ubiquitous, which means you’re able to reach your audience wherever they are.


Mobile allows for two-way communication, allowing you to get direct responses from consumers, from a like to a sale.


Targeting allows you to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time.


Turn leads into customers using vouchers and coupons delivered to their phones.


Get in-depth analysis of your campaign in real time with detailed, accurate reporting.

Return on Investment

Maximise your return on investment through a cost-effective mobile campaign.

Mobile usage is booming in South Africa. Just look at these statistics: 

  • 97% of the adult South African population can be reached through mobile.

  • There are 4 times more mobile phones than desktop computers.

  • There are more mobile phones than people (156% mobile penetration rate).

  • There are 2 times more mobile phones than TVs.

  • South Africa’s Internet penetration is at 49% of which 88% is done on mobile.

  • An average of 2.4 mobile phones is in each household (47% of which are smartphones). 


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