Why advertise with Vodacom

Life without mobile phones is hardly conceivable; they’ve become firmly embedded in consumers’ daily lives, it’s the medium of choice for an entire generation and it has increasing power and influence over us.

Mobile marketing is the fastest and most direct way to reach and engage with consumers.  In the last year, mobile unique numbers have grown by over 141 million users, increasing by 8% with Africa leading the way.  

South Africa is a truly mobile nation, boasting over 85 million mobile connections, and with a 156% penetration, mobile reaches more people daily than all of the other digital mediums combined. Consumers spend almost 3 hours per day accessing the Internet via their mobile phones, and the mobile share of web traffic globally has grown to 38.5% from 0.7% in the last 7 years. 38% of all users use mobile for messaging, 43% have searched for a product or service online to purchase in the last 30 days, and 28% are watching videos online. 

We have a range of mobile channels and advertising solutions to choose from. Advertisers can engage consumers via SMS, video, multimedia messaging or on a mobile web browser. In addition to this, we have the ability to customise advertising solutions targeted at specific mobile audiences. There’s also the option to drive sales by delivering vouchers directly to a consumer’s cellphone. 

Each of our advertising channels are being successfully embraced by brands to drive awareness, consideration, purchases and loyalty. Clients are able to target their consumers and potential consumers with the right message, wherever they are. Mobile advertising is geared to increase the chances of immediate response and better return on investment. 

Vodacom is proud to be a 2015 South African MMA Standard Bank Smarties winner – category: Operator of the Year in Mobile. 

The Smarties are part of the only global awards programme created specifically to recognise best-in-class mobile marketing campaigns from around the world. 

Assegai Awards


Inkosi Award - for Vodacom AdMe Opt-In Platform.


Technology Solutions & Innovations: Database - for Vodacom AdMe Mobile Op-In Platform.


Digital Media: Mobile - for Vodacom AdMe Mobile Opt-In Marketing Campaign.

Winning a Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) Assegai Award identifies one as a leader in the Direct Marketing space. Exceptional campaign delivery results are recognised by the Assagai Awards.

If you’re planning a mobile marketing campaign, we should be your media partner.

  • With 50% of the mobile market share, we are South Africa’s number one mobile network and a trusted brand since 1994.

  • We’re proud owners of a diverse advertising portfolio with the capacity to deliver integrated campaigns.

  • You can reach more than 33 million mobile subscribers across all LSMs.

  • We can handle large volumes e.g. 10 billion PCM messages annually, 38 million PCM messages daily and 3000+ campaigns.

  • We are m-commerce enabled. 

Your audience carries their phones with them wherever they go. This makes mobile the fastest and most direct way to create awareness, and make your brand a part of their daily lives. We are South Africa’s biggest mobile operator – let us help you reach millions of subscribers who are used to:

  • Text messaging (ask about our Please Call Me product).

  • Accessing content and information on their cellphones (ask about the Vodafone live! mobile content portal).

With a mobile campaign, you can ask users to respond to a message immediately and engage them in a way that becomes a one-on-one interaction, ensuring a satisfying brand experience. In order to engage a potential or existing customer, a brand or product needs to maximise creative possibilities and must offer something of value or use:

  • Adapt your message to the audience (ask about interactive banners, splash-screen products and mobile surveys and rewards).

SMS is still the number one way for most mobile users to communicate. Anyone who has a mobile phone can access this messaging service, and this means your brand is able to reach just about any demographic group. We have a range of text-based messaging solutions which penetrate across all handsets and enable simple, effective communication. 

It’s no secret that cellphones are being used as much more than a voice and messaging device. Nowadays, we consume a range of news, information and entertainment content in text, image or video formats. We offer opportunities that target users in a relevant environment, fitting their mobile behaviour preferences, like:

  • Advertising banners 

  • Splash-screen advertisements

  • Mobi-page/mobi-sites

  • Rich media video

One of mobile’s unique strengths lies in its ability to provide targeted marketing to consumers. We offer advertisers a range of filters to maximise their reach:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Home language

  • Income bracket

  • Location

  • Handset make

  • Handset operating system

  • Mobile behaviour


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