Work from home

Stay connected, stay productive and ensure business continuity securely during this uncertain time. We have a “toolbox” of solutions to ensure your business can perform at it’s best, making sure that for you, it’s business as usual. Our offerings not only ensure that you stay connected, secure and productive, but you can also collaborate with your team from anywhere in the country or the world, securely and seamlessly.

Get connected

Being office-productive at home requires seamless connectivity, Vodacom Business offers a range of solutions to get your connected your way:



Meetings with your team don’t have to stop. While working remotely, you can still schedule time for check-ins and decide where you’ll store classified information for all to access. Communicate with your teams from anywhere with apps like:


Business Continuity

Enjoy the convenience of safely accessing and storing work files from wherever you are:


Always secure from
as little as R15

Enjoy security with these products from wherever you are:

Plus, you now get a FREE TRIAL for Microsoft Teams and Amazon Web Services (AWS), courtesy of our partners.

Email us for solutions to cater to your specific business needs.



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