Charges, Fees and Payment T&Cs

5.1 The charges and fees payable by the Customer in respect of a Service shall be specified in the relevant Service Schedule as shall the applicable payment terms and any discounts

5.2 Where any Service is activated by Vodacom on any day of a month other than the first day, the Customer shall be charged a pro-rata portion of the monthly fees in respect of that month.

5.3 Save as expressly stated to the contrary, all prices specified in any Service Schedule shall be exclusive of:

5.3.1 value-added tax and any other taxes, duties and other imposts of whatsoever nature which shall likewise, be payable by the Customer; and

5.3.2 service fees relating to any ECNS provider which are procured by the Customer directly and not by Vodacom either on its own or on the Customer's behalf and which are not specified in a Service Schedule, for which the Customer agrees to make payment directly to the ECNS provider on such terms as are agreed between the ECNS provider and the Customer.


5.4 All payments to be made by the Customer to Vodacom shall be made free of deduction, bank charges or commission in South African Rand. The Customer shall not have the right to withhold any payment or to set off or reduce such payment by reason of any claim which the Customer may have or aver to have against Vodacom.

5.5 The computerised accounts of Vodacom or any certificate signed by any credit manager of Vodacom shall be prima facie proof of all payments made by the Customer and the validity of all charges and fees payable by the Customer pursuant to this Agreement and of the amounts outstanding at any time by the Customer.

5.6 Vodacom may, in its sole discretion, levy interest in terms of the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005 on any unpaid or overdue amount. In addition, should any payment instrument tendered by the Customer or amount drawn by Vodacom in terms of a debit order authority not be met by the Customer's bankers, Vodacom reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to levy a fee in regard thereto.


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