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Vodacom Business Screen Insurance Policy

These are the terms and conditions of Your Vodacom Business Screen Insurance Policy.  It is important that You read and keep this document in a safe place.  The insurer is Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited, a registered insurance company. Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd, an authorised financial services provider, has been appointed to administer this Policy.


Operative Clause


Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited (The Insurer) agrees to provide insurance in terms of this Policy. The Insurer appoints Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd (the Administrator) to handle all policy related queries, administration and claims.





1.       “Good-As-New Device (GAN)” means a device that has been re-conditioned, inspected, tested and restored to full working condition.

2.       “Insured Device” means the cellphone or tablet covered under this Policy.

3.        “Policy” means this agreement between You and Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited.

4.       “Screen”  refers to the display or display assembly or LCD or touchscreen  components located at the front of the device

5.        “Vodacom Deal” means the deal entered into between You and Vodacom pursuant to which Your SIM Card is activated by Vodacom and Your device is enabled on the Vodacom cellular telecommunications service and any related services on the Vodacom network.

6.        “Vodacom” means Vodacom (Pty) Ltd

7.        “We”, “Us” refers to the insurer, Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited or the administrator, Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd, as applicable.

8.       “You”, “Your” is the person in whose name the Policy is issued.


Vodacom Screen Insurance is only available as part of pre-defined deals. This product cannot be purchased as a standalone offer.


What is covered?


·       If the Screen of Your Insured Device is cracked or damaged, we will pay the repair cost up to a maximum of R5000 per repair claim.

·       Maximum claim limits apply:

a)       If You received 12 months of cover as part of a Vodacom Deal, a maximum of 1 claim will be paid over the 12 month period;

b)      If You received 24 months of cover as part of a Vodacom Deal, a maximum of 2 claims will be paid over the 24 month period

·       All repairs must be done at a repair centre approved by Vodacom Insurance (RF) Limited and will be done in accordance with the standard repair process.

·       Please note that the repairs to your Screen may affect the device warranty therefore you are liable to verify this with the respective manufacturer.

·       This Policy only covers the Screen of the Insured Device and cannot be transferred to another device.


What do You pay when You claim?


·       The excess:  You will pay an excess of R150 upon every successful claim.

·       If the repair or replacement cost is greater than R5000, You will have to pay the difference.


What is not covered?


1.       We will not pay out if Your device is stolen or lost.

2.       We will not pay out for any repairs to the Screen if there is any liquid damage to the insured device

3.       We will not pay for any additional accessories including but not restricted to screen covers, carrying cases, or any other equipment used in conjunction with the Insured Device.

4.       We will not pay for any other repairs to the device except for the repairs to the Screen in all instances, whether the other repair is related to the cracked/damaged Screen or not.  You will have to pay for the cost of such repairs.

5.       We will not pay for a Screen repair if the repair to the Screen does not place the Insured device in working condition.

6.       We will not cover You for any repairs covered under the device manufacturer warranty;

7.       We will not pay for normal wear and tear, including scratches;


General conditions

1.     Cancellation and termination of the Policy


·       All cancellation requests must be made in writing and emailed to or by phoning Us on 082 1952.

·       Your Policy will automatically terminate in the following instances:

o   If You received 12 months of cover as part of a Vodacom Deal and you have reached the end of this 12 month period.  In the event that Your Vodacom Deal is terminated or cancelled or suspended for any reason You will no longer enjoy the Screen Insurance benefit.

o   At the end of your Vodacom Subscription Contract.

·       We have the right to cancel Your Policy subject to 30 (thirty) days’ notice, either in writing or telephonically.


2.     Claims


·       All claims must be submitted to Us in writing within 30(thirty) days of Your screen getting cracked or shattered. Claim forms are available at any Vodacom shop or can be accessed on our website at You can also call Us on 082 1952. All completed claim forms must be emailed to:   

·       The Insured Device must be taken to a repair centre approved by Us in order to be assessed.

·       In the event that the claim is approved We will reimburse the authorised repair centre directly for the value of the repairs up to a maximum of R5000. No payment will be made directly to You.

·       In the event of Your claim being the subject of a dispute or is rejected by Us You may make representation to Us using the following email address:  If You are still dissatisfied with the outcome of Your claim, You are entitled to approach the Short Term Insurance Ombudsman at:

o   Telephone: 011 726 8900

o   Fax:                             011 726 5501/011 674 0951

·       E-mail

·       You have 90 (ninety) days from the date of receipt of the notice of rejection or dispute from Us to lodge such representation.  In the event of a dispute being unresolved You must take legal action by way of summons against Us within 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days after expiry of the initial 90 (ninety) day period, failing which You will forfeit Your claim and no liability can arise in terms of such a claim.

·       Should You fail to collect a device which has been repaired within 60 (sixty) days from date of booking in the Insured Device for repair, You will forfeit the claim and the device will be sold or returned to stock to defray expenses.


3.     Misrepresentation, non-disclosure or false declaration


·       Any material misrepresentation, non-disclosure or false declaration shall render the Policy as a whole, voidable from date of inception at the instance of the insurer.  In such an event:

o   You will be liable to reimburse any amounts paid to You under this Policy to Us; and

o   We will not be obliged to pay any claim lodged under this Policy.

·       If there are false declarations made at the time of claiming which results in fraud, all benefits under this Policy shall be forfeited and Your Policy will be cancelled with immediate effect.


Report all claims to:

Scheme Administrator

Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd

Tel: 082 1952

Fax: 011 546 9000




·       Confidentiality and sharing of information

By taking out this policy, you hereby authorize Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Ltd to obtain personal information from you, and when required, to share it with our third party service providers for the purposes of providing the services and benefits to which this Policy relates. 


Your personal information will be stored, processed and used only by our service providers to the extent that is necessary to provide the contracted services. 


Please refer to our privacy notice for a description of how we process your personal information.





This Privacy notice applies to the use of, purchase or other interaction with Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Ltd. Unless context dictates otherwise, the Vodacom Privacy Statement on https:// shall also apply to all interactions with Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Ltd, regarding any collection, use or other processing of personal information.


Personal Information Collected

·       Vodacom only collects personal information required to enter into an insurance agreement, and provide the related services in relation to the agreement;

·       Information collected by Vodacom includes, Name and Surname, Identity Number, Contact Number, Email Address, Bank Account Number and Policy Agreement Number.

·       Vodacom does not obtain additional personal information from other sources, without your express consent.


Uses and Sharing

·       Vodacom processes the information to provide you with insurance cover as per agreement, for purposes of entering into or performing in terms of a contract and may use the information to provide you with information on related products or offer discount certain offerings;

·       Vodacom will use the personal information you provide only for purposes consistent with the reason you provided it;

·       Vodacom does not share your personal information with other marketers unless Vodacom have obtained your explicit consent. If you do not provide your consent, Vodacom will not share your personal information;

·       When Vodacom provides personal information to companies that perform services on our behalf, Vodacom require those companies to handle the personal information in accordance with our full privacy notice, as well as applicable privacy legislation. These companies cannot use your personal information for any other purpose than the reason you provided it to us.


Your Rights

·       You may access personal information that Vodacom holds about you. You can ask us to correct any errors or delete the personal information Vodacom have about you;

·       You may opt-out of any marketing messages or further contact from us;

·       To protect your privacy, Vodacom may have to verify your identity before Vodacom can give you access to, or change, personal information about you.


How to Contact Us

·       Call us on 082 135


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