New Technologies and Additional Services T&Cs

  • 12.1 Vodacom shall provide the Services using such up-to-date technology which is made generally available to its other customers. Vodacom shall promptly notify the Customer of potential enhancements and improvements that it believes the Customer may wish to consider implementing. If the Customer learns of a potential service enhancement or improvement to an existing Service ("New Technologies/Additional Service"), provided that such enhancement or improvement is offered by Vodacom to its customers, the Customer may request information from Vodacom in order to evaluate its interest in implementing such enhancement or improvement.

  • 12.2 Upon the Customer's request, Vodacom shall provide the indicative price, performance specifications, installation interval, or effects then known to Vodacom of any New Technologies/Additional Service. The provision of the new technology or additional services shall be subject to Vodacom standard charges and the then applicable standard terms and conditions.


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