The Equipment T&Cs

  • 8.1 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that all rights of ownership in and to the Equipment shall, at all times, remain vested in Vodacom and accordingly, the Customer shall not hold itself out as the owner of the Equipment, nor sell, transfer, dispose of, mortgage, charge or pledge the Equipment or permit the possession of the Equipment to be taken away from the Customer.

  • 8.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 8.1 above, all risk in and to the Equipment shall pass to the Customer on delivery thereof to the Customer and the Customer shall be liable for any and all loss, theft or destruction of or damage thereto, howsoever arising.

  • 8.3 The Customer shall:

    8.3.1 display in relation to the Equipment no lesser degree of care than it would had same belonged to it and shall take all reasonably necessary precautions to avoid loss, theft or destruction of or damage to the Equipment;
    8.3.2 not procure repair or maintenance of the Equipment by any third party without the prior written consent of Vodacom or in any other manner tamper with the Equipment;
    8.3.3 not make any alteration or modification to the Equipment nor use the Equipment or permit the Equipment to be used for any purpose for which it is not designed or in contravention of any applicable law or regulation;
    8.3.4 not affix the Equipment to any land or building in such a manner as to become a fixture;
    8.3.5 allow Vodacom to affix or to cause to be affixed to the Equipment plates or the markings indicating the ownership of the Equipment; and
    8.3.6 subject to the Customer's reasonable security restrictions, allow Vodacom and persons authorised by it, at all reasonable times during Business Hours, access and entry to any premises where the Equipment is situated for purposes of inspecting the Equipment.

  • 8.4 Vodacom shall be entitled to recover from the Customer any costs relating to repairs, replacements, adjustments or error corrections arising out of a failure by the Customer to abide by the provisions of this clause 8 and the Customer shall make payment to Vodacom in respect of such costs upon demand.


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