Virtual Hosting T&Cs

  1. 1.1 Virtual Hosting

    1. 1.1.1 Vodacom shall make a server environment available to the Customer for its non-exclusive use. Within this environment the Customer will have access to a virtual environment, where it is possible to create Workloads through Vodacom Cloud Manager. 

    1. 1.1.2 The physical server environment will at all times remain the property of Vodacom. Vodacom shall be responsible for the setup, as per the standard managed hosting server configuration, of the server environment on behalf of the Customer. 

    2. 1.1.3 The provisioning process within Vodacom Cloud Manager includes access to predefined templates that can easily be deployed and configured in accordance with Customer’s specifications. 

    3. 1.1.4 The increase and decrease of Resources goes through an approval process on Vodacom Cloud Manager, approval of the Financial Sponsor being a pre-requisite to the provisioning of any Workloads.

    4. 1.1.5 Financial sponsor approval from Customer will be deemed as a confirmation of associated costs and acceptance of terms and conditions.

    5. 1.1.6 In this environment, customers do impact negatively on other customers at times.  Should Vodacom deem the Customer’s actions or activity on the Customer’s account to be negatively affecting other customers, Vodacom reserves the right to disable such account or accounts without any prior notice. 

    6. 1.1.7 Where appropriate, Vodacom will in its sole discretion, and without being under any obligation to do so, maintain and/or upgrade the software on its managed servers. 

    7. 1.1.8 Vodacom shall ensure that the hosted environment is protected by a firewall made available by Vodacom either on an exclusive or shared basis, at the election of the Customer.

    8. 1.1.9 Data protection remains the Customer’s responsibility and is provided by Vodacom only as a contracted service.

    9. 1.1.10 Disaster recovery services are available to customers as a contracted service and Vodacom does not include data replication as a standard.

    10. 1.1.11 Vodacom shall monitor the Customers limit within the Virtual Hosting environment as a Vodacom Cloud Monitor basic offering. 


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