Please note that by signing the Application for Sponsored Device and SIM Card you accept and agree to the following:

    a. The scheme is provided to you by Vodacom as a marketing tool for the purpose of promotion and brand awareness;

    b. A Vodacom customer contract has been entered into between yourself and Vodacom;

    c. The customer contract entered into between yourself and Vodacom is subject to the standard terms and conditions of such customer contract, save for the monthly subscription cost and/or insofar as the provisions of this Brand Expansion Scheme contradict the provisions of the standard Vodacom customer contract;

    d. Any loss or damage of the handset and/or SIM card which requires the replacement of or repairs to the handset will be done in accordance with the provisions of the standard Vodacom customer contract; 

    e. The handset provided to you (as specified above) remains the property of Vodacom for the duration of the service period;

    f. Upon termination of the service period, as a result of your employment with the Service Provider terminating or once you no longer provide services to Vodacom or as a result of Vodacom’s decision to discontinue the Brand Expansion Scheme, you may elect to

     o return the package excluding the handset  to Vodacom and terminate the customer contract; or

     o have the package transferred to you from Vodacom on such terms and conditions as determined by Vodacom at that time;

   g. The election referred to in f. above must be exercised in writing within 14 (fourteen) days of the end of the service period.  Any notice of selection should be forwarded to 

___________________________ ________________________ [Vodacom representative].  Failure to comply with this requirement, will result in you being deemed to have elected to return the package and terminate the customer contract, and Vodacom will be entitled to institute proceedings against you for the return of the SIM card/cell phone number;

    h. No contractual right and/or benefit is created between yourself and the Service Provider and/or between yourself and Vodacom, save for those contractual rights and obligations created in terms of the customer contract entered into between yourself and Vodacom at the time when the package is issued to you in terms of the Brand Expansion Scheme;

     i. Vodacom retains the right to discontinue/amend the Brand Expansion Scheme at any time and at its own discretion.  If Vodacom discontinues the Brand Expansion Scheme, you will be provided with reasonable notice of such decision to allow you to make the election referred to in section f. above;

     j. The provision of the scheme and the package are not employment benefits provided to you by the Service Provider and /or Vodacom.

    k. Existing personal contractual agreements with Vodacom must be honoured

    l. Existing personal contracts within the 24 month period are not eligible for conversion

   m. Vodacom is not liable for porting costs or existing contract settlements with Vodacom or any other network.

   n. Device and SIM must be in the possession of the employee at all times

   o. Device and SIMs are not transferrable to any third party and the number is may not be ported

   p. Migrations are NOT allowed to any other tariff plans

   q. NO changes are allowed on your sponsored SIM card

   r. The package cannot be changed and NO VAS activation is allowed

   s. An unauthorised account modification is a dismissible offence

   t. Stolen phones must be reported to 082133

   u. Replacement SIMs will be at your own expense


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