Vodacom Employee Advantage Scheme Terms and Conditions


1. The Vodacom Employee Advantage (VEA) scheme offers members additional benefits, i.e. voice or data bundles based on the total monthly spend per line and will be subject to these terms and conditions.

2. Vodacom Employee Advantage is only available to employees of Vodacom Business Corporates.

3. You, as an employee of a Vodacom Business Corporate, will need to register for the scheme to become a member and be eligible for the benefits of VEA. 

4. You can register on voda.com/employee-advantage and by registering you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

5. You will be requested to verify your employment with the Vodacom Corporate annually by clicking on the link on verification email which will be sent to your corporate email address or by going in store with proof of employment. 

6. You can receive benefits on up to a maximum of 5 of your lines which belong to your account.

7. Once you have registered, you may select the type of benefit you receive for each of the lines.

8. You may only select one benefit type per line which will apply for a period of 3 months.

9. You may select different types of benefits for each different line, for example, 2 of your lines can receive voice benefits, and 3 of your lines can receive data benefits.

10. You will be able to change the type of benefit after every 3 months. 

11. Voice bundles will include any network minutes which can be used during any time of the day

12. Benefits are allocated based on your total monthly spend per line, which includes the monthly subscription, bundle / VAS purchases and usage on the applicable line.

13. Benefits will be allocated in arrears on the 7th of the following month, for example benefits will be allocated on 7 June for May’s spend.

14. Benefit’s will be allocated on the 7th of the month and will be valid for 1 calendar month from date of allocation.

15. Benefits will be allocated based on which benefit type you selected and is active at the time of calculating the benefit. For example, if you selected data bundle for months 1, 2 and 3 and you select voice minute bundles for month 4, 5 and 6 the benefit will be calculated on the bundle type which is active for that month.  Therefore, in month 4 you will receive a voice minute bundle based on month 3’s spend. 

16. Benefits are allocated based on 4 different tiers of spend and these are set out below: 

Spend Tiers


R500 – R999

R250 – R499

R0 – R249

17. Once your bundle is allocated it cannot be swopped for another bundle type, transferred to another line or exchanged for cash.

18. If you are no longer employed at the Vodacom Corporate your Employee Advantage membership and benefits will terminate immediately.

19. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate VEA at any time. 


1. How do I register for Employee Advantage?

You can call the Vodacom Call Centre on 082 1082, email employeeadvantage@vodacom.co.za, at a Vodacom shop or apply online at www.vodacom.co.za.

2. Who can sign up for Employee Advantage?

You can become a member if your employer is a Vodacom Business Corporate customer.

3. What benefits can I get?

You will receive additional voice and data bundles based on your monthly spend.

4. How is my spend calculated?

Your spend is made up of your monthly subscription, additional bundles or VAS’s and out of bundle usage.

5. When are my bundles allocated?

Bundles are allocated a month in arears.

6. How are my bundles allocated?

Based on your spend you will be assigned to a tier and you will receive benefits accordingly. Bundles are allocated 2 months in arrears e.g. You will receive a bundle on 7 June for May’s spend. 

7. How do I activate my membership online?

Once you have registered, you will need to click on the activation link which is sent to your corporate email address to activate your membership. 

8. How do I register if I don’t have access to the internet or email?

If you don’t have access to the email account, call the call centre on 082 1082, and an Employee Advantage call centre agent will be able to activate it on your behalf. 

9. Are there any costs to be an Employee Advantage member?

There are no membership fees, you will receive benefits for just being an employee of a Vodacom Business Corporate.

10. Can my family get benefits?

Yes, if the lines belong to your account, up to 5 lines can get the Employee Advantage benefits.

11. Do I need to renew my membership?

You will need to re-register and validate your employment annually.

12. Can I change the type of benefits that I get?

Yes, you can change the benefit type every 3 month using the Employee Advantage webpage.


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