Vodacom Employee Advantage Scheme Terms and Conditions


1. Any Employee who takes up a deal under the Vodacom Employee Advantage Scheme will be expected to sign/accept the Contract Terms and Conditions applicable to cellular telecommunications services.

2. Any Vodacom Employee Advantage deal is subject to a credit vetting criteria to qualify for the Vodacom Employee Advantage scheme, as per current normal individual credit vetting rules.

3. The Vodacom Employee Advantage discount is for the duration of the 24 months contract period and not month to month. 

4. The discount is subject to the monthly Vodacom Employee Advantage deals.

5. The discount applies to subscriptions only.

6. The employee agrees not to resell any aspect of the Employee Advantage deals.

7. An employee can upgrade after the 24 month period to another Vodacom Employee Advantage deal associated with his current employer if applicable, or can upgrade to any other non-Vodacom Employee Advantage deal.

8. If an Employee leaves the current employer and moves to a new company:

• The previous deal continues as per existing agreement in place unless the employee terminates his agreement prematurely.

9. Any new Vodacom Employee Advantage deal the Employee selects at his new Employer who is an approved VEA partner will receive a new discount which will be applicable to any new line taken/upgrade.

10. The Employee can transfer the deal to another individual as per the provisions of the Contract Terms and Conditions on transfers but the Vodacom Employee Advantage discount will fall away. 

11. The scheme does not allow you to migrate from your current tariff to a VEA discounted tariff. 

• You can however, migrate at the point of upgrade from your current contract to a VEA contract.  You may also cancel your existing contract and take out a new VEA contract. However, there may be penalties involved as per the normal migration & cancellation rules.

12. The Employee will be able to add-on the same number of additional lines, in accordance with the current business rules for a normal consumer deal, subject to credit vetting approval processes.

13. Fraud: If an Individual takes up the Vodacom Employee Advantage deal and is not an employee of an approved VEA Partner, Vodacom reserves the right to:

• Immediately cancel the services and take any remedial action it deems fit 

The Individual forfeits the discount under the Vodacom Employee Advantage scheme and the deal becomes a normal consumer deal. 


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